Pine Cone Camp offers a variety of fun and dynamic activities during Summer Camp. Our goal is to recognize the individuality of each child, and plan diverse activities that meet each child’s individual needs. We believe that our summer camp is an ideal place to create special memories that last a lifetime.

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Toddlers, Ages 18 months to 3 years old

Our summer program offers a fun filled play camp for our youngest group of children. Toddlers enjoy play time with a wide variety of age appropriate toys, daily arts and crafts, music, cooking and baking* and outdoor activities.
* We consider all types of allergies that children might have and we carefully choose recipes so that all children can participate in the activities.

Chidlren’s House, Ages 30 months to 6 years old

We offer different themes for children at this age group that helps them to experience and try different skills and learn about new and interesting facts and concepts. Daily indoor and outdoors activities, arts and crafts, music are offered to keep children active, busy and engaged in learning. Tutorials in language and math by parental request are available. Our themes for 2012 summer Children’s House programs are as following:


July 4 – July 14
Crazy Science and Mother Nature

As the sun’s still shining and the weather is nice and hot, it is a great time to appreciate some of Mother Nature’s wonderful gifts. We will be learning about different scientific phenomenon that happens in nature and how these wonders contribute to our day-to-day lives. This will be enhanced by taking nature walks through our neighborhood and to nearby parks. We will also discuss how we can give back to Mother Nature by planting, making birdfeeders and etc.

July 17 – July 28
Animal Kingdom and Plant Kingdom

We will focus on vertebrates and invertebrates, the animal kingdom and characteristics of animals from each class. We will also focus on the language used to describe animals and their babies, animal habitats and groups of animals. Children also will be introduced to different topics about plants such how seeds travel, needs of plants, how plants make food, different types of leaves. The interconnectedness between animal kingdom and plant kingdom will be studied.

July 31 – August 11
Fun Art & Puppetry

This program provides the students with the opportunity to explore their creative side while introducing them to various art mediums. Children will explore creative artwork that develops their gross and fine motor skills, social skills, collaboration and teamwork. During this program, each child is going to make a puppet of his/her own and will participate in a small show within the class to end this session.

August 14 – August 25
Little Chefs Traveling around the world

Children experience cooking and baking in this program. This is one of the programs that offer the joy of cooking and mastering their fine motor skills by cutting, chopping, grating and whisking. This program also introduces the children to food from different culture, and different math concepts, such as fractions, measurements in a very fun way.

** We consider all types of allergies that children might have and we carefully choose recipes so that all children could participate in the activities.