Pine Lake Montessori School


Non-denominational and Inclusive

Our son Benjamin really enjoyed attending Pine Lake Montessori’s Casa program. As parents, we liked the friendly and caring teachers, and the casa program’s diverse curriculum, which doesn’t only include academic knowledge, but also teaches valuable life skills. What I really like about this school, is that it’s non-denominational and inclusive. Children get a chance to learn about other cultures’ celebrations and traditions, and learn how to embrace differences, to have an open mind, and an open heart.

Judith and Ed.

Wonderful Summer Camp

Jeffrey and I thank you all so much for a wonderful summer camp experience.  Our boys truly loved attending this camp and have been waking up on Tuesdays and Thursdays with such excitement.
Your devotion and care in helping them enjoy a great learning experience and meeting new friends have been so great for them. Knowing that they are in great hands while we are apart from them provides more than comfort to us, it is more like a blessing. We hope to see you all next summer again!

Anne and Jeffery

Incredible Quality of Teachers

Our three girls thrived during the three years they attended PLMS.   We could not have asked for a better experience from the incredible quality of teachers, the distinct Montessori approach and the warmth and nurturing that was evident at the school.  We were amazed at how rapidly they matured and developed during their time at PLMS.”

Brent and Megan

Child Excels in Math, Writing & French

I would like to say thank you for your wonderful school, and how well you have taught Tobias from 18 months to 4 years old. Tobias will be going to 1st Grade this September.  He reads and writes very well, and loves math.  Tobias runs out of pages in his writing journal during writing time.  He continues to excel in math. His French teacher thought that his previous school was a French immersion school, because his French was so good. Please keep up the great work.

Lucy and Kofi

The best decision we've made

We’ve absolutely loved our first three months at PLMS. We moved our daughter to PLMS after two years in a daycare and she has thrived in her new environment. Her teachers were especially great helping her during the transition and getting her used to the classroom and the new routine. Now, whether our daughter is talking about things she’s learned in the classroom or what games she played with her friends during outdoor play time, or even showcasing practical life skills at home that she learned at school, it’s never been more clear that she’s happy, cared for, and embracing the Montessori approach. As parents, there’s not much more you could ask for. It’s been the best decision we’ve made.

Eugene and Alexandra

More independent as a young toddler

Accalia joined the toddlers class this fall at Pine Lake Montessori School. We can’t be more pleased with our choice. We can tell that she loves her teachers and she always loves to give them a hug-goodbye at the end of the day. She just looks so comfortable with her teachers. We also noticed that she has become more independent as a young toddler. She has learned some wonderful skills and she is very proud of what she can do. Accalia is thriving at her school. We feel that she is getting wonderful education, stimulations, teachers’ care and love to meet her development and emotional needs. It is very comforting to know that when she is away from us, she is in good hands.

Jocelyn and Douglas

Independence, Confidence and Early Decision Making Skills

When it came time to select a pre-school for my girls, I knew we wanted a Montessori program for the proven benefits: independence, confidence and early decision making skills. We have stayed at Pine Lake Montessori since their inception because the school applies these principles with empathy and compassion through the wonderful teachers.It is easy for a school to find one or two good teachers over time, but Pine Lake has been able to consistently hire for excellence, and this is now part of their culture. That gives me the confidence that my children will be happy and successful during their time there.